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i is for i

Posted by dogtrax on May 30, 2007

This comes from a new friend, Fred, out in California, who agreed to take on the Letter I with an introspective angle:

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And he sent along a version of his script:

I is for I, that first person voice from which all stories spring. Now I don’t mean me, this particular person here who is speaking to you – I mean the voice, the source, the voice, the one from whom everything springs.

I don’t mean me, this particular me, MEMYSELFI…

ME only comes about when “I” looks out and sees that I’m me, not anyone else…and that means really there’s two in that conversation, the one that started it off, and then began to think about herself, about that essence from which springs everything else.

And from that reflection comes the concept of identity, of that uniqueness that wants expression, that wants to be known in the world, that wants recognition, RE-cognition, thinking about, RE-flection, looking again, at something, but it’s that thing, the origin, the source, from which everything springs that I want to point to…

But when I point, then you know that it’s just me doing the pointing, and…the point is lost.

So…how do we recoonect with that original “I,” that source, that voice?

We must go inward, go in, to that source, that well-spring, from which springs everything else.

There’s a quietness to connecting to the source—that’s what religions around the world call the state of grace, the source the origin from which all else springs.

And each path has its own way to find that source. I’m not talking about meditation alone, exactly, nor prayer, exactly, but something like both or neither—the well spring from which all else springs.

So, pretty abstract and philosophical, but appropriate to the main task I see as a teacher wanting to use digital storytelling with students–how best to inspire storytellers to find their unique voice, to use the technological hooks we have to bring forth voices that haven’t been heard.

Thanks Fred!

– Kevin

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  1.   blk1 Says:

    Hi Fred,
    It’s taken me a while to get to these more recent pieces, and I loved yours. It’s so poetic and wonderfully nonliteral in it’s images and text. I loved your voice and your unique approach. Wow, wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing this piece with us.

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