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Little T

Posted by dogtrax on June 18, 2007

It’s time to celebrate!
This is our last movie segment and it comes from Barbara. She captures the potential and frustrations perfectly, I think.

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What do you think?


PS — And next, it is on to Jumpcut!!!

6 Responses to “Little T”

  1.   Scott S. Floyd Says:

    Spot on! Great job, Barbara.

  2.   Nancy Jung Says:

    I loved this piece. It definitely captured the essence of my thoughts on technology. I am not alone.

  3.   dogtrax Says:

    Here is Barbara’s script:

    T is for Technology
    “T” is for technology, the new frontier. Technology is the essence of the 21st century, changing by the minute. Digital media allows modern-day adventurers to explore software and hardware much like I image Rogers and Clark searched the western territory in the early days of our country. My journey with technology has been one of risk-taking excitement. A clear example is this ABC movie, I thought I could create a little movie and post it on the Internet with minimal frustration. Instead I was stopped dead in my tracks unsure of how to proceed. After some encouragement from a fellow techie, I decided to carry on with a humbled spirit, reminded that our students face these difficulties everyday.
    Technology is a tool. Like any other tool, you must learn how to use it. My school corporation offered technology training for teachers a few years ago. This provided an opportunity to write innovative art curriculum that would integrate technology in the established art program. There was a “possibility” of getting some new computer equipment if teachers demonstrated the new technology skills. I jumped at the chance to get a new laptop computer or digital camera. My technology project was titled “Navigating the Internet through Dale Chihuly’s Website”. My original intent to a get SMART board quickly changed after I began teaching the students to use the Internet. I realized that computer access for my students was a much more important goal for this project. I only had one computer in my classroom so I was challenged to come up with a creative way to show an entire class images from the Internet with one computer. This art and technology curriculum was so successful that the students were raving to the principal about what we were doing in art class. They also figured out ways to get computer access to practice there new found Internet skills. It was a very exciting time for my students and me.
    My story is not just about the accomplishments. I have had a few disappointing experiences as well. During our most difficult experiences we gain a wealth of knowledge about who we are. On occasion, I apparently over commit my services. I get excited about learning something new especially when it comes to computer equipment. When I signed up for the ABC movie, I thought it would give me the motivation to learn how to transfer video from the camcorder and save it on the computer. I had not done it before, but there are plenty of things an art teacher does for the first time with out a practice run. I tried to be “super teacher” this year. Instead, I overwhelmed myself and was almost defeated by lack of time to learn new technical procedures.
    All teachers have a limit to what they can do. Technology is an amazing component in our lives providing excitement and challenge, sometimes coupled with isolation and frustration. It takes time and patience to learn new computer skills. Even the experts have to continuously learn new ways to capture information; technology is a life-long learning process. To quote a very important person, my son, Shawn, “technology does not eliminate work, it just changes the way you do your work.” “T” is for Technology, a necessary part of our lives.

  4.   Barb Says:

    I am still learning about on-line technology. Thank you for all of your kind words. We now have a technology blog which is an extension of our AWP technology focus group. I wanted to get our AWP teachers using on-line technology. I have been reading Will Richardson’s book about blogging and the use of on-line networking with the READ/WRITE web. I have made a valuable effort to include links and resource information in my blog. Please check it out and leave me a message when you get the chance. Thank you for the opportunity to share my digital story with you. Kevin and Bonnie are gracious cheerleaders and mentors. They deserve a tremendous recognition for connecting all of us through our individual stories.

  5.   Christina Niven Says:

    Great job, Barbara. Interesting video and voice talent.

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