Bringing the ABC Project Global

Bonnie and I have been so impressed by the work of our group as a learning community delving into video production and collaboration that we decided to submit a proposal to the K12 Online Conference and we were chosen to lead (I notice some other NWP friends on the list, too).

The blurb from the site says:

This year’s fantastic line up of keynote presenters will create an inviting and welcoming introduction in which the sharing of ideas among diverse learners working in diverse contexts continues. These distinguished folks will not only extend the conversations, but also invite each of us to stretch and grow as they share their expertise and wisdom in their respective strands. We are delighted they have each agreed to accept their roles as keynote presenters.

This is very exciting news for us but also means:

  • I better get going on making the big movie (gulp)
  • We better figure out what in the world we are going to present
  • And how to engage folks in a video creation process

No worries — Bonnie and I are a great team and we have all of you to fall back on (thus the importance of your reflective pieces) as a showcase project.

Here is the link for the K12 Online Conference Slate.


Kevin and Bonnie

3 thoughts on “Bringing the ABC Project Global

  1. Congrats to you both on being accepted for the K12 Online Conference – you both deserve to share your work there, especially this ABC Project!


  2. Great job Bonnie and Kevin. Your work and all others who contributed to the ABC project should be highlighted at a conference such as this. Mary

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